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Return Policy


We try to give as much information as we can in our listing descriptions and the images we show are as true to life as we can possibly get them, but please realise that many of the items we sell are made in small batches and, when we receive a new batch, sometimes the colours or the small details have changed a tiny bit.

It is also important to note that every screen displays colours slightly differently, so the colours may come up a bit lighter or darker depending on your screen.

We take all the care to make sure the website is accurate at all times, we do reserve the right in the unfortunate circumstance we made a mistake in for example the price of an item, to decline a sale.


We really hope that you are happy with your purchase. We understand that buying clothing on the internet is a tricky business, so, if you have received your goods and you don't like them for whatever reason, you can inform of us of your intention to return them to us within 30 days of receiving your parcel. Please send us an email to make us aware of your intentions. You have no obligation to tell us why you want to return them, but we would be grateful if you did, as this might help us make the service better.
Once you have informed us of your intention to return your goods, you have 14 days to send the goods back to us. We will supply you with the return address in our reply to your email, but here is the address just in case:

Altshop UK
FAO Peter Mengerink
10 Painter House
1 Sidney Street
E1 2HU
United Kingdom

If you live outside the EU you will be asked to fill in a customs declaration (CN22). On this form please make sure to fill in at the description: "returned goods relief claim". Failure to do so might result in customs charging import duties. We will let you know if this happens and give you the option of paying it. If not, we will not accept the parcel and it will be returned to you by the postal services.

The cost of returning an item is yours. You will be refunded your original purchase price and delivery cost (cheapest option given at checkout). For example, if you bought three items in a single purchase and you return one item, we will refund the original postage cost divided by three.
Items should be returned in the original state (i.e. re-saleable) as you received them. This means that we expect you to never have worn the clothes except for trying them on. If there are tags on the clothes, please don't remove them until you are sure that you would like to keep them. We would appreciate it that you would try out your new clothing not wearing any perfumes, deodorant or anything else that might transfer onto them. We reserve the right to charge if the item is clearly not in the original state as we sent it out (i.e. it clearly has been worn). We will always be fair, as we appreciate your custom very much and we hope you will be the same with us.


If anything goes wrong with the item in the first 30 days of receiving your item, you have the right to re-dress. This could be in us offering a repair, part refund, a replacement of the item or you rejecting the item, telling us that you no longer want it. If you chose the part refund or a rejection, the sale is deemed concluded. If you chose either a replacement or repair, then you have the right to one more re-dress if something is still wrong with your purchase before the sale has concluded. This is in line with the consumer rights act 2015 of the UK. We would generally ask you to send us some images of the damage to the item so that we can make a judgement on what the best course of action is regarding the problem. The cost of the re-dress is never greater than the original amount that you paid. In the case of an item being returned because something was wrong, we will refund the return postage for the service that we request you to send it back by.

If you have any further questions, please contact us on